How OnePlus 7 Pro comes loaded with amazing features at a budget?

Co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei launched the OnePlus 7 Pro on 14 May 2019. The phone ranges from Rs. 48999, and Rs. 52999 based on RAM and storage capacity.  In the past, one could not acquire a premium phone for a price lesser than $ 1000. From the above, it is quite possible; do not harbor the thought that whatever you will be getting will be an incomplete product because OnePlus 7 Pro is an amazing smartphone for you as follows:

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Fast and large display- 6.67 inches 90 Hz Display

The 7 Pro comes with a 90 Hz display. Considering that most of the phones of the past decade have been at around 60Hz this phone will astonish you with its fast refresh rate. Imagine 90 refreshes in a second. You will not notice it because it will be done before you know it. Moreover, the screen is one of the largest in the market today at about 6.67 inches.You can be sure of no freezes between any streaming experiences on the phone.

The camera- 3 Cameras

In the past, the installation of front cameras could result in a notch wherever it was located. OnePlus avoids notches by using a pop-up camera. This means to use the camera; one has to flip it. The camera can later slide back into original position. The phone can be said to have the highest resolution given it comes with a primary lens of about 48 megapixels.The phone comes with two other cameras, telephoto and wide range lens of about 16 and 12 megapixels respectively.Moreover, the phone comes with a nightshade mode for dark place photo taking and has quality HDR capabilities.

Oxygen OS

This is today’s widely talked about phone operating system. This is by far the OS with amazing navigation features; it also comes with a dark mode and Zen mode aimed at improving your experience. The dark mode gives you the option to choose how you want the background needs to appear whereas the Zen mode is a system that protects takes your phone to an automatic 20-minute lock down giving you some off the phone alone time. An exciting feature is that you can always update your Oxygen OS using the unlockable bootloader feature.

Large storage and Excellent RAM

The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a storage of 128 GB and a RAM of 6GB making it a fast and spacious phone. The size of storage on its large variant is 256 GB and has a 12 GB RAM. You can imagine having every office file on this phone. You will be a walking office.

Network capability

OnePlus 7 comes with a 5G network connectivity. If you are looking for an uninterrupted network connection, then you have it with this amazing device. Not many phones have adopted this feature, which means you have all the time to enjoy it before the market floods.

It is clear than OnePlus 7 at a cost way below a thousand dollars is a combination of the best pieces in a single device. Grab yours and enjoy.